Population Health Screening

We can provide population screening for a wide range of health conditions and services – from specific conditions such as diabetic retinopathy to general investigations such as NHS Health Checks.

With our services we can manage the entire screening process or just provide specific elements – from identifying patients in need of screening, to call and recall, assessments and reporting on data.

Patient management

We use a variety of methods to ensure we identify patients in need of screening. Using data taken from a wide range of sources, patients are identified and then validated for uniqueness using a series of identity resolution techniques – including national health identifiers and central registers.

As well as being identified by data, patients can enter our screening services if they have a scheduled appointment or if they are registered as a new patient at any location.

Clinic and appointment management

We use an advanced clinic management and appointment booking system which means our teams quickly assign patients both individually and in groups to the screening services they need.

We then send invitations to patients via post or other methods such as SMS or email to confirm their appointment. We’re able to offer this service on any scale – whether small or large, as we’ve developed a highly automated and intelligent process using innovative clinical software.

Call and recall management

We track all patients that enter our screening service so we know if they’ve attended their appointments and if they’ve received any treatment they may need. This means that if patients don’t attend their screening appointments, we can contact them again to make sure they attend – improving health outcomes.

Communication with other services

We communicate with other services to ensure anyone involved in the patients care pathway are kept informed. We work particularly closely with primary care clinicians – including GPs – to ensure they are kept up to date with the care the patient is receiving. This is done electronically – GPs quickly and easily log on to a secure portal to access the screening information and reports about their patients.


We can provide reports for the entire screening programme for monitoring the service, recording levels of patient compliance, measuring efficiencies. This ensures patients receive the care they need and that the service is run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.