Diabetic Eye Screening

We have over 25 years experience in providing diabetic eye screening services across the UK. Our fully managed service includes screening, grading, failsafe management, reporting, clinical leadership, administration and booking including call/recall management.

Our service provides you with a simple, safe and cost effective solution. By connecting all aspects of your diabetic eye screening programme not only provides you with many operational efficiencies, it also gives you the opportunity to truly shape your service around your population.

Tailored to your needs

We also provide modules of a diabetic eye screening service so you can choose what’s best for your locality. Whether you’re looking for just screening and administration or grading, we can seamlessly integrate into existing programmes or solutions.

Following guidelines

We provide a diabetic eye screening service that’s easy for you to monitor, is nationally recognised and most importantly safe for patients. All our diabetic eye screening services follow the common care pathway, meet the requirements of the national service specification and are in line with all national policies and guidance.

Maximising benefits

We want to maximise programme performance in an efficient and effective way. Our specialist reporting software provides a detailed view of service delivery. This allows us to easily identify areas for improvement and create tailored solutions that bring results.

Experienced workforce

To ensure patients receive a safe, friendly and high quality service, all staff in our diabetic eye screening services are trained and accredited with the relevant City & Guilds qualifications.

Our staff are also required to complete extra training in safeguarding, emergency first aid and the HSCIC IG Toolkit. This means our teams will be looking after patients at every part of the care pathway.

Award-winning service

We’ve won awards from healthwatch authorities and the Quality in Care (QIC) programme for our innovative engagement strategies.