North of Tyne & Gateshead
Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

North of Tyne & Gateshead

The North of Tyne & Gateshead diabetic eye screening programme is one of our most rural programmes with over 40 locations (some running weekend screening).

To comply with Government mandated social distancing measures we will be seeing patients in smaller numbers in clinics. Please be assured that all NPS staff will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g. disposable face masks, gloves, aprons, face shields, which will vary depending on your clinic location and will be ensuring that cameras and chairs are sterilised between patients.

Patients may be asked to wait in their cars before their appointment is due and during dilation with their chaperone to reduce traffic in the waiting area. Only the patient will be allowed inside the building unless chaperoned.

All patients and their chaperones are required to wear their own face covering when attending entering and throughout their visit to the screening venue.

If you  are calling to cancel your appointment and live in an area that is currently in lockdown you are still able to attend your appointment as long as you are symptom free and are wearing the appropriate face covering.

Our new service contract began on 1 April 2016 and we are delighted to continue providing this award winning service. The programme covers the following CCGs: Gateshead, Newcastle North & East, Newcastle West, Northumberland and North Tyneside.

Patient comment of the quarter: "The location was very convenient and comfortable to attend. The staff are very helpful and keep you informed of all the procedures. Very professional and very happy to return for future visits."

Programme Manager

Denise Young

"Our staff are very experienced in providing the correct information and reassurances to all patients to make their appointment visit pleasant. We have worked very hard in the last few years to develop clinic locations that are equally accessible for all of our patients in our vast rural area over the next few months we look to continue this work."


Eye screening is a key part of diabetes care to check for diabetic retinopathy a condition that can lead to sight loss if it's not detected early and treated. All diabetic patients in the UK aged 12 and over should have an annual screening appointment. For more information about diabetic eye screening please visit NHS choices.

Your screening appointment in 6 easy steps:

Taking a history - your details will be checked to make sure the information on the system is up to date and correct.

Testing Visual Acuity - we record how good the level of your sight is. If you wear glasses for your distance vision, you will need to bring these to your appointment.

Dilation Drops – the eye drops make your pupils larger to ensure the images we capture are clear. The eye drops can cause blurriness and sensitivity to light for up to 6 hours – do not drive in this time.

Photographing The Eye – we use our camera to photograph different areas of the back of your eye.

Grading – the images taken of your eyes will be assessed after your appointment.

Results – you will usually receive your results 4 – 6 weeks after the appointment.

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